Most people will recognize this photo right away. It is used as a symbol of evil throughout
J.R.R Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”. Most people also realize this is fiction and not real life but what about the real evil in our world.
sandy hook911LondonImage
It screams at us from
The headlines
The evening news
From our tablets and smart-phones
And we ask “why would God allow this to happen”
Evil this time up close and personal
Not from a distant country
Not from a faraway city

In our city
In our neighborhood
A little girl walking home from a friends house, abducted by a man in a truck.
Neighbors are close enough to hear him talking to her
They try to rescue her
Another gives chase in his car
Amber alert goes out
Too late..
She is found. Her life taken…
And our hearts break.

Why God if you exist, why would you allow this to happen?
Through the ages as murder, tragedy, violence destroys innocent lives
we have asked this question.
It all began early in the human story as Cain out of jealousy
murdered his brother Abel.
His blood, the millions in the Holocaust, the killing fields of Cambodia
the blood of all the innocents and Hailey cries out from the ground…
Why God?

Maybe the question is not why but who?
Not why God?
But who God?
Who is behind the murder and destruction and the violence?

Not God who gave his only Son that none would perish
And his Son came that we might have life…
The Son tells us
“The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy”.
Who has a name.
The thief. And he has other names. Liar, accuser, god of this world, prince of darkness

But why God? Why do you allow the thief to continue to steal, kill
and destroy?
Because of our sin
Our world is broken
Our relationship with God is broken
“Where do you think your fighting and endless conflict come from? Don’t you think that they originate in the constant pursuit of gratification that rages inside each of you like an uncontrolled militia? You crave something that you do not possess, so you murder to get it”. James 4:1
We are broken and in partnership with the thief.
God allows the thief to continue even though he could set it all right in an instant.
Because we are allowed to continue. With the possibility of doing great good
and great evil.
We come to him on our own or not at all.

The great writer C.S. Lewis wrote
“God whispers in our pleasure and shouts in our pain”.
He whispers in our pleasure “See all that’s good I have given you”
He whispers in our pain “Turn to me and I will heal you”
His desire is that whether we turn to him in our pleasure or in our pain that we will.

It is a decision that all must make for themselves.
And evil in this world continues…
But not forever.
One day evil will be done away with and all will be set right. And in that day

“He will wipe every tear from our eyes. There will be no more death or pain or mourning or crying or pain. The old things have passed away”.

Rest in peace Hailey.

4 thoughts on “Evil

  1. I am an 8th grade student at Eastern Middle School in the Humanities and Communication Magnet Program in Silver Spring, MD. Each year our 8th grade classes participate in the C-SPAN Student Cam Contest (http://www.studentcam.org/). My group’s topic is the Syrian Refugee Crisis and we would like to use the photo of the Syrian Death Toll headline for our documentary.

    Please let me know if we can use this photo and credit your blog in our documentary.

    You may contact my teachers with any questions.
    Mike Arenas, English (michael.j.arenas@mcpsmd.net)
    Stephen Schwarten, US History (Stephen_J_Schwarten@mcpsmd.org)

    Thank you so much for your consideration,
    Mia Soviero, Kasey Hammond, and Abi Koehler
    Eastern Middle School
    Silver Spring, MD

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