Taking a Break

ImageAs much as I enjoy writing my blog, posting on Facebook and reading my friends posts, e-mailing, reading e-mails, sending texts, reading texts, tweeting, it is time to take a break. So for the next week I am exiling myself from all media including t.v. and movies.

Several months ago a Bible teacher I follow suggested a week long media fast. He talked about how media even though it has its good points can actually hinder our prayer life making it difficult to understand God’s leading and direction. I have to admit it made me a little nervous. I was not sure I wanted to do it or even if I did I could pull it off.This week I realized there was a distance between God and I.

I could sense this in many ways although it was not obvious at first, my disobedience in matters that I usually do not struggle with. My prayers were hurried on the days I prayed at all, My Scripture reading mainly consisted of what I was including in my blog or texting to my friends. Even attending and serving at church which is something I love and get really excited about felt like something I had to do. Long story short I was hanging around God’s  house and presence but not really entering in. But I was really faithful in checking my blog stats, my email and Facebook and Twitter. All good Christian stuff you understand….

Sometimes we can do really good things for the wrong reasons.

I need to hear from God. I need His direction and leading. In the days we are in there is too much at stake to go it alone.

So I am signing off for a week. I am excited to see what God will do when He has my undivided attention!




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