I woke up at 4am fearful and afraid.

The grip of that fear drove me to do the only thing I know to do in times like these.



You know the road we have traveled over the last years. You know the struggles, the fears, the heartbreak.

But You tell us in your word to rejoice, Rejoice!

You tell us to keep a gentle nature so that all people will know what it looks like to walk in Your footsteps.

You promise that you are ever- present for us.

And as a loving Father who knows our fears You invite us to pray.

Pray about everything.

And You don’t just invite us to pray, Your word says You long to hear our requests, You welcome us to talk to you about our needs.

And be thankful for what has come….

And know that the peace of God (a peace that is beyond any and all human understanding) will stand watch over our hearts and minds in Jesus.

Of all the emotions or thoughts I have felt or had about our time of trouble, thankful has not been one of them. But as I began to pray over these words found in Philippians 4 I saw them in a way I never have before

Be thankful for what has come, pray, and peace will come.

I don’t understand the why of the circumstances that got me out of bed at 4am but because of them I get the honor of praying for someone who I love and God loves even more. To partner with Him in the greatest miracle of all, salvation and eternity can be changed for that one.

And for her that will bring shalom, peace that passes all understanding.

As I was praying I felt a prompting to turn to Psalm 91.

This morning I pray the words and promises found there over my loved one.

If you are reading this and there is someone you love that is far from Him this prayer is for them as well.

Lord I pray this morning that my daughter would know Your name, that she would know you.

I pray she would know the Name that saves, heals and delivers.

That she would cling to You in love, that You would rescue her from harm.

I pray You would set her above danger.

I pray that she would call on You and You would answer, that You would be with her through hard times.

I pray that You would rescue her and grant her honor.

I pray that You would reward her with many good years, that she would witness Your salvation.




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