Jars of Clay

Treasure is held in jars of clay

jars of clay 3

But this beautiful treasure is contained in us—cracked pots made of earth and clay—so that the transcendent character of this power will be clearly seen as coming from God and not from us. 2 Corinthians 4:7

I have a favorite cup that I use for my morning coffee. It was a gift from my daughter and on it is written “Worlds Greatest Dad”.

Though it is chipped and stained by many cups of coffee over the years it is priceless, a reminder of the love my daughter has for me. How she sees me despite my flaws and imperfections. I am like that cup in so many ways.

Damaged, imperfect, sometimes stained by sin. I don’t always live up to what I could be but God loves me, He sees what I will be. And in this imperfect vessel He allows me to carry a precious treasure.

What a perfect plan our Father had. He came to us, to our fallen world sending His only Son, that we could behold Him the Word in the flesh. Drawing us to Him, He saved and redeemed us that we could be His emissaries, Christ living in us. Lights shining in the darkness, treasures sent in jars of clay.

pottershand 1

Treasure that saves, heals the broken, gives hope to the hopeless, and breaks the chains of sin and darkness.

Even though we are imperfect the Perfect One lives in us. We cannot let our failures, our shortcomings discourage us from the mission we have been given. We are to carry this treasure to a dying and broken world and no amount of money, clever plans or programs will ever be a substitute for the story we tell.

The story of being brought from death to life (Colossians 1:13-14) giving witness to the One who makes it so. The story of God who so loved the world, that He gave His Son for all who would believe, that they would not perish……(John 3:16)

I see the darkness and trouble that is ever-increasing and I feel an urgency to be about our Fathers business. The time is short. For those who are perishing the treasure we carry contains the words of life. there is no time to wait. The time is now.jars of clay potters hand

The Potters Hand Hillsong Worship

Photo credit: top to bottom

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