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not welcome

My daughter and I had the opportunity to hear Eva Kor speak at a local college this week. If you are not familiar with Mrs. Kor here is a brief summary of her story

 “Eva is a survivor of the Holocaust. In 1944 Eva along with her mother, father, and four sisters were loaded into a cattle car packed with other Jewish prisoners and transported to an Auschwitz death camp. Eva who was only 10 years old and her twin sister were separated from her family and under the direction of Dr. Joseph Mengele used as human guinea pigs in genetic    experiments. Thousands of twins were subjected to these experiments, most died. Eva became extremely ill during this time but she fought to stay alive and help her sister survive”.

The tickets were free but it is the policy of the college where Mrs. Kor was to speak to give priority seating to students first.  Any seats that are left are made available to the general public. It was our hope to be able to get two of those seats. I didn’t expect a large turnout but was pleasantly surprised at quite a number of students who began to arrive well in advance of the 7 pm starting time. The number of students continued to grow, at 6:55 it was announced the auditorium was full but there might be seats available in the balcony. There wasn’t.

It was disappointing  not getting in.

Especially when you are standing by the door watching all those who had the right invitation walk right in.

Being told at the last minute “Sorry all the seats are taken, sold out”

As I thought about our missed opportunity today  I was reminded of a time in the future another event I don’t want to miss, a celebration. Unlike the event at the college there will be room for everyone at this celebration.

“The king organized a great feast,  a huge wedding banquet. 

He invited everyone he knew.”  Matthew 22:1

What a party it will be. A wedding,  a feast, a homecoming, a reunion, all the happy events we have ever known and better still….

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