Things We Leave Behind

rearview mirror 5

Much of the employment in the area where I live consists of seasonal hospitality, service related jobs. People move in and out of the area frequently and it is not unusual to see personal items lying along the highway because of boxes that have fallen off their truck or trailer.
Recently as I was driving to work my attention was drawn to items scattered along the road that had not been secured. A child’s shoe, toys, clothes, household items. Things that were important or they would not have taken the time to box them up and move them.

It made me sad.

It challenged me think about things we lose, important things that we don’t notice are missing until it’s too late to go back.

Like time…
Time that we lose with our children (who grow up way too fast) because we are busy with other things. Time we lose with our husbands and wives because we allow other less important things to steal those moments. Time with friends, that phone call we meant to make, the email or text we meant to send, to let them know we were thinking of them, but we don’t. And time goes by and one day our children are grown-up, our marriage has become cold and distant, and our friends have been replaced by things that matter far less…

I realize this paints a dark, depressing scene but it doesn’t have to be that way. If we take the time to check the rear-view mirror of our life frequently to be sure the best things, the valuable things aren’t being left behind. If we take advantage of the brief time we have with our children, take time to spend with our loved ones even when it means saying no to other things that clamor for our attention. Take time to make that call even when it is not convenient. Making and taking time for what is important.

The love of family and admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege. Charles Kuralt

Family is not an important thing. It’s everything. Michael J. Fox

β€œIs any pleasure on earth as great as a circle of Christian friends by a good fire?” C.S. Lewis



14 thoughts on “Things We Leave Behind

    1. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I look forward to reading your blog. I found the picture by accident, in fact I was just about to give up finding the right one Interesting how things fall into place. I am assuming you are writing from Argentina? It is so cool to meet people from all over the world. Look forward to talking with you.

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      1. I am in Buenos Aires, Argentina… But I am very fluent in english hence I would be a pleasure to exchange stuff and thoughts… Whenever you want!
        Happy week ahead to you, Aquileana πŸ˜›

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      2. It would be a pleasure indeed!! I am not fluent in any other languages tragic, when I had the opportunity to learn I passed it off being young and foolish with “when will I ever need that” lol
        But you go with what you have…..
        Tell me about yourself, when did you begin blogging, writing, etc what did you find interesting about my blog?/

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      3. How are you! Be sure to check out my blog this week. When you have a moment tell me what life is like in Argentina. I have a friend who spend some time there but that was some time ago!


  1. story of every family very well depicted. thank you so much. This should be reminded over and over again. Why wait to mourn when loved passes away. why not shower flowers of joy and love instead of putting wreaths on graves. I thank you once again. God bless you

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      1. You’re so welcome. Keep writing my dear friend. Yes it spoke to me alot. You can re-blog some of my poems as well. I think we have similar writing styles. Have a blessed day. πŸ™‚


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