Deciding Beforehand

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It can happen before you even leave your house this morning

Everyone rushing around trying to get ready and get out the door. Opportunities for patience and tempers to wear thin.

What will you do?

As you are driving to work the driver who was not paying attention is in the wrong lane and looks to you to let him into the lane you are in, the driver who cuts you off or follows to close in traffic that is moving way to fast.

What will you do?

The man or woman you’ve had conversations with tells you how bad life is at home, how kind and understanding, easy to talk to you are. They ask if you might have time to talk outside of work, maybe lunch or dinner? You know as a person who is married you shouldn’t…

What will you do?

The party is great and you are so happy to be invited. All the popular kids are there, that cute guy or girl who asks if you would like a drink of this or maybe try a little of that? When you say “no I can’t” they say to you “why not are you religious or something?”

What will you do?

You really like this person. You have some much in common, like the same food, like the same things, think so much alike. Only one problem he/she is not a Christian, in fact is not even sure if they believe in God…

What will you do?

The conversation begins with “I really believe my pastor is a great guy but (fill in the blank)” or “I shouldn’t tell you this, I’m only telling you so you can pray did you hear about..

What will you do?

You are in the house alone and begin to browse the internet. You know pornography has been a problem, and you are only one click away from being there again

What do you do?

It is springtime “the time when kings took their soldiers out to fight”. Except this time. The battles have been long and hard and you decide to sit this one out. As you are walking on your rooftop admiring your kingdom you notice a women unclothed in the distance finishing her bath. You are king and can have anything or anyone you desire…

What will you do?

Your family has raised you to honor and fear God. In fact you were dedicated to Him as a child. Your parents instructions were clear. No alcohol, don’t cut your hair (I would have loved this when I was younger) and stay away from “those” women. But then you see her…

What will you do?

You know if you take a stand on that issue you will be called narrow-minded, bigoted, mean-spirited, judgmental one of “those” people. And you will lose friends

What will you do?

I recently came across a blog titled “Deciding Beforehand”. The writer shared that when she would pray for her children at the dinner table, in her private prayer time, or any chance she had she would pray

“Lord I don’t know what this day holds or what temptations my children will face. But I pray Lord that based on what we have taught our children from your Word that they will make the right decisions”.**

It is true that you and I do not know what this day or Lord willing the ones to follow will hold. Or what temptations we will face. The scenarios I listed above the “what will you do?” questions only represent a small part of the situations we all will face daily some we have faced many times before. If you were to make a list it would surely contain many, many more.

Why don’t you do that now.

Make a list.

Not for me but for yourself.

And then based on God’s Word, His will for your life, decide beforehand, decide where you will stand, how you will face the predictable and the unpredictable issues, the things you struggle with, the places where you have failed, the temptations that will surely come. A good place to start would be with some of the things the Bible tells us to expect.

Trials-James 1

Temptation-Matthew 26:41

Testing-1 Peter 1:7

Persecution- Matthew 5:10

Discipline- Hebrews 12:11

And now consider this. You know well the times you are living in. It is time for you to wake up and see what is right before your eyes: for salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed. The darkness of night is dissolving as dawn’s light draws near, so walk out on your old dark life and put on the armor of light. May we all act as good and respectable people, living today the same way as we will in the day of His coming. Do not fall into patterns of dark living: wild partying, drunkenness, sexual depravity, decadent gratification, quarreling, and jealousy”. Romans 13:11-13

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all of you who have read and followed my blog. When I began this blog in February I had no previous experience in writing. My expectations were low and I wrote mainly for self-therapy having gone through a difficult time on many fronts for several years (one of my early posts “Prodigal” shares some of this). I have been surprised and blessed at the response which was more than I ever expected. I really, really appreciate you all.

I would especially like to thank Evelyn Goh and the team at Christian Blessings for giving me a chance to be read in a bigger audience and for their inspiration, prayer, and encouragement. What an amazing God we serve and what an amazing family He has blessed me with all over the world!

To Him is the glory forever and ever!



**I cannot find the blog address for “Deciding Ahead of Time” the inspiration for this post.

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