Special Post: Prayer for Ferguson

ferguson 3

Many of you are aware of the situation in Ferguson MO involving a white police officer in the shooting death of a black teenager 18 year old Michael Brown.

A grand jury was convened in August of this year and it is expected in the next few days (possibly before you read this post) a decision will be announced as to whether officer Wilson will face charges in the death of Michael Brown.There has been much speculation about the circumstances surrounding Browns death. This has resulted in strong racial tension in and around Ferguson, rioting and looting, injuries and damage to businesses in the community. It is interesting that many of the arrests for violent acts involved people from other areas of the country. There is potential for the violence to ignite again, more so if charges are not brought against officer Wilson as this is being promoted as a racially motivated incident.

In light of this I would like to ask all my fellow bloggers to re-post this and most of all pray for some specific things and however God would lead you to pray.

“Father God we pray for peace and calm to reign over Ferguson. We pray for you Spirit and your holy angels to be present there. We ask for courage and strength for your people in the community of  Ferguson to bring peace as much as it depends on them.

We pray against the enemy and those he would use to cause destruction, confusion and violence.

We pray for the safety of police officers, the National Guard, for Capt. Ron Johnson and the officers of the Missouri Highway Patrol and all who have been called there to serve, protect, and bring order and peace.

We pray for the safety and well-being of the citizens of this and the surrounding communities and for those involved in the investigation of this case.

We stand in prayer and agreement against the plans and the schemes of the enemy in Jesus name”



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