Our hearts are broken….

pakastani school shootings

Words cannot express the sadness I feel for the parents and relatives touched by this horrific act. Praying for peace and comfort that God’s love would surround them in this difficult time.

For those who murder innocent children I pray that they would be set free from hatred and darkness.


Drawing courtesy of Gary Varvel copyright by Cary Varvel 2014

7 thoughts on “Our hearts are broken….

  1. I was just sharing this yesterday with my younger daughter. So, so sad for any child to suffer, and die out of vengeance. In due time, those who caused this will be judged for their wrongdoing and those little ones will be given life. God so loves the little children.


    1. Yes He does. It is so hard to watch the suffering in the world, but almost unbearable when it comes to children. There is evil in this world that is incomprehensible and the enemy seems to rule unchecked. But as you said so well the time will come when all will be set right, evil and those who give themselves to it will be judged. It is hard to pray for those who do such terrible things, but they are in darkness and as Jesus said on the cross “do not understand what they do”. Only the peace with God that Jesus came to bring will change that. I appreciate your heart Stacy.

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    1. It is overwhelming at times. That is why I write. When I express my thoughts maybe give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves, I feel like I am doing something even if it is small. Thank you for your thoughts wishing for you blessings and peace in the coming year. If you have time read ny post this week “Always Winter”

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