Pray For Christians In Iraq


Persecution of Christians is becoming more frequent around the world. Yesterday the news came that 21 Coptic Christians were beheaded in Libya. Many are unaware of the horrible atrocities that are occurring almost daily in Iraq and Syria at the hands of ISIS, in Nigeria by Boko Harem and now in Libya.

This is a serious threat to civilization as we know it and left unchecked will spread to every part of the world. One man in the 1930’s brought war to the entire world and brought about the death of over 5,000,000 men women and children in concentration camps because the world failed to take him seriously and did not act.


What all Americans must understand is this: Ending the persecution of Christians is not just morally right; it is in our national interest. When we promote and defend freedom of religious expression throughout the world we are making the world safer for oppressed people, we are promoting a value that keeps extremism of any kind in check”.              David Curry President of Open Doors

I have started a Facebook page for the purpose of sharing information about the persecution that is taking place. The page is titled

Pray For Christians in Iraq. The page is dedicated not only to Christians in Iraq but anywhere persecution is taking place

libya 2

Please visit the page and then share it with your friends on social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You may also submit comments to President Obama at

United Nations

And pray!


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