For Sale

All prices on commodities  reduced!

Group 40-50: $42

Group 32-30: $84

Group 10-20:$127

Group 1-9: $169

This is not the type of sale you think. This a sale of human beings. Specifically women, and the groups are ages. It is contained in a memo from the Islamic State In Iraq or ISIS in August 15, 2014. The statement reads

In the name of God, the most merciful and the most compassionate.
Subject: Bounty

it has come to our attention, the market value for women and bounty, spoils of war, has witnessed a significant decrease. This has affected the revenues of the Islamic State and the payments for its Mujahideen.

Therefore, the Treasury found it necessary to set the prices for women. All those involved in such a trade must abide by these instructions and violators will face execution.

75 000 dinars, women, 30 to 40 years old, Yazidi/Christian.

100,000 dinars. A woman 20 to 30 years old, Yazidi or Christian.
150,000 dinars, a woman ten to 20 years old.

50,000 dinars, a woman 40 to 50 years old.

200,000 dinars, a child between the ages of one and nine.

“In the name of God, the most merciful and the most compassionate, anyone can purchase these “commodities” but no more than three, unless you are a foreign fighter from Turkey, Syria, and Gulf countries.
So the fighters can buy them. And you know why? You know what they use them for?
Recreation. So they will buy a child, bring them up to the war zone and pass them out. And so they just are used for sex between the battles. This is the state of our world. This is where we are going. This is what our president is turning a blind eye towards. This is what our churches are turning a blind eye to.
This is what the world is turning a blind eye to” *
This horrible unimaginable evil began in August of 2014 and continues today. Where is the outrage, the condemnation? These are human lives, precious to God. We as Christians and human beings must not be silent.



13 thoughts on “For Sale

    1. Please feel free to pass this on and encourage others to do so. I have 5 daughters and I cannot even explain the anger and outrage I feel. My heart breaks for these women and little girls at the horror and degradation they must feel. Many of these women are left behind or murdered when they are no longer desired. There are reports of girls as young as 10 with child. Awareness is the only weapon and hope they have. Pray for them and spread the word.


  1. Speechless. Just absolutely heart-wrenching, incomprehensible. In the name of God, We come to you and ask for Your Devin Intervention in protecting the innocents from these evil creatures. Amen!

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  2. Reblogged this on The Think Tank and commented:
    So think about it. What if this was happening where you live? What god would approve of this regardless of where you live? Not my God! So I guess that my God is different than the god of the Islamic State. I want to believe the god of ISIS is different than the god of most of Islamic believers. Is it? How can any country condone this radical type behavior? How can any country turn a blind eye to this kind of behavior? How can anyone say that the God of Christianity and the god of Mohammed is the same god? Even if you don’t believe in any god the ideals behind the radical Islamic State is wrong! What is wrong with this world anyway! Serious questions to ponder my friends. A serious Think Tank question!

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