Encourage One Another-Battle Hymns

encourage 1 How long O God? How long will You forget me? Forever? How long will you look the other way? Psalms 13:1As we come to the end of the week I suspect many of you, like myself have been fighting battles in one way or another. Sometimes it is easy to see Gods hand in our struggles, other times we wonder as the psalmist did “Where are you God, how long before you answer?” I read this in my devotional this morning and wanted to share it with you as a way to focus not on what God has not yet done, but to remember what He has done. “In the early verses of Psalm 13, the psalmist called out to God and heard nothing in reply. What could he count on to carry him through that bleak moment? He reached deep within and pulled out memories of the times God had rescued him in the past, times he had his back against the wall, and had seen the hand of God move. Times he had felt abandoned and later discovered God had been working behind the scenes in ways that were miraculous. It was these memories that allowed him to sing of God’s goodness in the midst of overwhelming circumstances. Sometimes we may wonder where God is when we are in the middle of the battle, but it is the memory of past victories that allow us to sing and praise Him while we wait for Him to rescue us!”* LORD, I can’t help but praise you when I remember all the times you have rescued me in the past. There were times when I felt alone and realized only later that You were there all along. Help me to trust you for what I am facing today. Amen       *Cheri Fuller “The One Year Praying Through the Bible”


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