Encourage One Another- Celebrate

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My daughter Erinn loves a celebration.

Weddings, graduations, family cookouts, birthdays any gathering of friends or family is a reason to celebrate, especially Christmas. She even has an app that counts down the days, and from time to time she will update me on the progress of the countdown.

“Dad, there is only 261 days until Christmas”.

We could learn from my daughter and take time to celebrate when the opportunity is there. Even when it is still 261 days away.
Because life can be difficult with setbacks and disappointment and sorrow. Sometimes even when things are good, in our busyness we forget to celebrate.

As I was driving to work this morning after working through a long holiday weekend. I was tired and to be honest a little grumpy. To counter my grumpiness I began to think about a vacation we plan to take in October. That led to thoughts about other things to look forward to over the coming months. Things to celebrate.

Very soon we will celebrate the arrival of my oldest daughters baby girl.

In two weeks I will celebrate my birthday. Yes, I still get excited about my birthday, and receiving gifts. I refuse to grow up, thank you very much…

We will celebrate my youngest daughters birthday, who will be sixteen this year and begin driving (I can celebrate but the dad in me is a little nervous).
My wife and I will celebrate our twenty-fourth anniversary.

Fall is coming my favorite time of year, another reason to celebrate, along with Halloween, or as it is known at my church “the October 31st party” and then Thanksgiving. We end the year with my daughters favorite, Christmas.

And there have been other reasons to celebrate over the past months

Recently we celebrated the going home of my wife’s mom.

Just this morning I celebrated with a friend the passing of his brother-in-law, who has fought a long battle with cancer.

I have celebrated victories over hardship and struggles with my friends.

I have celebrated with those who have overcome life controlling struggles and addictions.

I have celebrated victories in my life.

I have celebrated with those who have received answers to prayers,

I celebrate with those who still wait for the answer.

But all of the moments, and reasons for celebration God provides, are only a shadow of what He has in store for all who love Him, and follow Him until the end;
The greatest celebration is still to come

We read about this celebration at the end of the book of Revelations

” Praise the Lord!
For the Lord our God,
the All Powerful, reigns supreme.
Now is the time for joy and happiness.
He deserves all the glory we can give Him.
For the wedding feast has begun; the marriage of the Lamb to His bride has commenced,
and His bride has prepared herself for this glorious day.

Write this down: “Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage feast of the Lamb.” What I am telling you are the true words of God Revelation 19:6-7;9

What a celebration that will be!

There are days and seasons when there are few reasons to celebrate. If that is where you find yourself, take a moment to remember all the times in the past that have you have celebrated. Slow down and take a moment to discover the reasons to celebrate that are all around you. And think about the celebration, that is yet to come.

My daughter cares about, has a heart for people. Family, friends, even people she doesn’t know very well. She especially cares about those who would not be noticed by others. That is why a celebration is important to her. Its  her way to include everyone, No one should be left out.

And as you think about that great celebration to come, you don’t want leave anyone out either.

Invite your family and friends, invite those you don’t know. The person at the convenience store, the person who works on your car, the teacher that instructs your children, your neighbor, your doctor, your co-workers any and all, who you can.

It’s a celebration you do not want them to miss.

Romans 10:13-15

Matthew 22:8-10

Revelation 22:17

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