Hard Truths


The events of the last few days remind us we live in dangerous times. It also brings clarity that we the people need desperately.  Of all I have read recently I believe the following blog by Regie Hamm does exactly that.

Regie’s Blog

Posted : 11/13/2015 11:28:14 PM

“Dad, there’s going to be a World War III,” my nine-year-old said to me, as I was drying him from his bath.

“Nah, buddy. I think we’re all going to be okay,” I reassured, knowing I was lying.

“No dad …seriously. A lot of people hate each other. There’s definitely going to be a World War III.”

I smiled at him, kissed his head and said, “well, maybe one day, a long long time from now. But we’re safe right now, pal.” Then I tousled his hair, gave him a reassuring wink and sent him on his way. But inside, my stomach was churning because deep down …I knew he was right.

I don’t know how he knew to say something like that because there’s no way he could’ve known about the Charlie Hebdo attacks of earlier in the year. He couldn’t have known about the attempted terrorist attack in Texas shortly after. I’m certain he doesn’t know about the Chattanooga shooting involving a radicalized shooter and some unarmed Marines. I know for a fact he doesn’t know about the hundreds of Christians being beheaded and crucified in the middle east. He’s probably not aware of the thousands of Syrian refugees pouring over European borders. He hasn’t seen the wreckage of the Egyptian airliner. And I’ve made it a point to shield his eyes from the horror unfolding in Paris. Yet …he can feel something isn’t right in the world. So can I.

If you’ve ever wondered what “existential threat” means, now is the time to look it up.

I work in the world of entertainment. My colleagues and I live a life of creativity, philosophizing and experimentation. We build nothing, feed no one, serve no one and provide nothing of life-sustaining value. We are the singers and dancers and circus clowns. And even as we bask in this pointless existence, we have the audacity to pontificate and issue decrees and tell the world where it has gone wrong. Some of us even have the unmitigated gaul to do this from bed (are you listening Russell Brand?)

Most of my contemporaries in the entertainment business are liberal progressives. I’m pretty used to it and I get along with them fine. They are, for the most part, harmless. But what I know that many of them seem to not be able to get their heads around is that we all get to be peevish punks for one reason only …We. Are. Protected.

Free societies don’t just happen on their own. For every small, Scandinavian village, full of sprites and faries, dancing around the sacred fire, living in harmony and sharing love with one another, there was a battle-hardened band of Vikings on its way to enslave their men, rape their women and kill their children. Vikings were not defeated by love and good will.

We in the west think we are like those lovable pagans. We “give peace a chance” and hold concerts for “unity” and respect our fellow man and speak out against injustice and express ourselves in our words and music and art and cinema and we tell our stories and we find it all so terribly important. But we ONLY get to do all of this Because. We. Are. Protected.

As Paris burns, our hearts break for the fallen and their families. I personally feel gut punched and can’t seem to collect myself. We joke about the French here in the States, but they are the reason (and the ONLY reason) there even IS a United States. We owe our existence to them. Paris is one of the western world’s great cities. Make no mistake my friends, what happens to Paris …happens to the United States, eventually. The events of November 13th are a shot across the bow of the west. And so it is time, my friends. It is time for a few things to change. It is time for the west to take a break from the partying and football and recreation and re-focus on a few things.

Those of you who still insist on blaming the Bush administration for current events …we hear you, but it is time to shut up and sit down. We have to deal with what is, now …not what should or shouldn’t have been.

Those who insist on tying all of this to some western conspiracy designed to control your cell phone and mine your information …you are really fun to talk to at cocktail parties. But it’s time step aside.

Those who believe if we just stay out of everybody’s business around the world, everything will be okay for US (who cares about THEM) …it’s time to get a handle on just how small and connected the world really is.

Those who shout, “don’t blame all Muslims for ONE event!” It’s time for you to come to terms with some harsh and unpleasant realities about some serious dysfunction inside this religion.

For moderate Muslims who want to live in peace …it’s time for you to confront the radicalization inside your religion and work toward becoming agents of true reformation. You have to come to terms with the west. It’s that simple.

Rand Paul …it’s time for you to exit the stage as a presidential candidate. I enjoy and even agree with much of your commentary on the hypotheticals of liberty. You seem like a good man. But you are not up for a fight …and a fight is what is called for.

Bernie Sanders …you’ve been a lot of fun. You’ll be studied by stoned-out-of-their-mind college sophomores for decades to come. You got your rock star moment. But it’s time for you to go.

Donald Trump …you are an entertainer’s entertainer. But serious times call for serious people. You just scare the hell out of me. Time to step aside.

Black Lives Matter …if you have specific grievances and specific remedies for those grievances in mind (as did MLK), we’re all ears. But if this is about shouting and constantly being pissed about something nobody can quite understand and nobody knows how to solve without simply removing all white people from the planet, then step aside, friends. Some more pressing matters are at hand that directly affect your future ability to march and complain freely.

College students …while we are all on the edge of our seat wondering about all of the things you feel entitled to – as we know how special you all are – it is time for you to stop asking what your country can do for you and start asking what you can do for your country. If you can’t do that, then just sit over there somewhere, precious little ones, and don’t touch anything. Some very brave men and women need to go give blood right now …for your right to whine. Just stay quiet and look pretty.

For those of you quick to blame all of this on America and the west and its meddling through the centuries, you have, standing right in front of you, the perfect instrument of retribution and balance. It’s time for you to put down your latte and your smart phone, stop working on your novel, and join up with ISIS. You both want the same thing …the cutting of America down to size. The only difference between them and you is they are not cowards about actually doing something about it. It’s time for all of us to pick a side and make a choice. Yours seems pretty simple.

We have to stop kidding ourselves about what’s going on here and accept what is happening in the world. While we’re binge watching The Walking Dead and leaving snarky comments on face book, a new Nazi-type entity is being born right before our eyes and wreaking havoc on the world. They are literally re-writing the map of the middle east as we speak. And now they’re flooding Europe with more displaced refugees than since World War II. My friends, my 9-year-old son was right. Whether we want to believe it or not.

It’s time to love and pray for our enemies …while we kill them. The world has a cancer on it and some extreme chemo is needed. This will not be for the faint of heart or for those who get lost in the fog of moral equivalence. If you believe in the western way of life, it’s time to stand and be counted …before there’s no one left to count.

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