Thou Oh Lord

Thou Oh Lord are a shield for me….I would imagine many of you like me are shaken by the events in Paris and Lebanon.

It is good to remember that our God controls all the affairs of men and He will help us and quiet our fears.

Eternal One, my adversaries are many, too many to count.
    Now they have taken a stand against me!
Right to my face they say,
    “God will not save you!”

 But You, Eternal One, wrap around me like an impenetrable shield.
    You give me glory and lift my eyes up to the heavens.

I lift my voice to You, Eternal One,
    and You answer me from Your sacred heights.

I lie down at night and fall asleep.
    I awake in the morning—healthy, strong, vibrant—because the Eternal supports me.
 No longer will I fear my tens of thousands of enemies
    who have surrounded me! Psalm 3:1-6

The video below by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir has comforted and encouraged me through many difficult times. Take time to listen and let it speak to your heart.

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