There Is No Limit

no limit

When God is in it there is no limit!

Can God use us despite our limitations? Absolutely!

What we lack in human ability we can find in God. He has used the simple things to confound the wise many times

He called Moses, a man who feared public speaking, to lead a nation.

He promoted David, a shepherd boy, to the position of king.

He sent His own Son to be born in a small town, and laid in a manger, just one more illustration of humble beginnings laced with destiny. We are instruments in the Fathers’ hands. It is not your abilities that shape the world; it is God, who holds the wind in his fists and wraps the ocean in His cloak. (Proverbs 30:2-4) He is majestic and all powerful! Have you allowed your limitations to keep you from the destiny He has for you? Then place yourself in His mighty hands and see what He will do!*

encourage 1

*The One Year Praying through the Bible © Cheri Fuller

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