Good or Best-Thoughts for 2016

good better best

A friend of mine often says “never settle for good enough when best is available”

I have thought a lot about that statement as I look ahead to 2016 and my resolutions and goals for the coming year. The short list includes

Eat less

Eat healthy

Exercise more

Read the Bible on a consistent basis

Pray more

Read my daily devotional daily (not weekly)

Spend less

Save more

Be more understanding and patient with my loved ones

I am sure I am no different from many of you who around this time of year make some type of “New Years” resolutions. We look back on the year that has passed and make a list of things we would like to improve on. Which is a good thing. But in reality most of the time our resolutions are more about “declaration” than they are about perseverance and tenacity.

We want it to be better, but we can never seem to get there. Our resolutions and our good intentions fall short and we go through another year resigned to settling for good enough. But it’s not just about falling short of the things that need to be better, there is a sense that things are not right, something we can’t quite identify. That we are less than what we could be.

Maybe the reason we come up short is that we are not realistic with our expectations.

Maybe it is because we do not understand the real reason for our dissatisfaction.

But possibly the reason we settle for good enough is we don’t hear the small still voice that whispers “I don’t want what is good for you. I want what is best for you”.

There are many things we can decide to change, things that are good. But if we want what is best we have to listen to that voice. So this year what will you choose?

What is good or what is best?

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