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My wife and went to see the movie WAR ROOM several months ago. Having lived through the battles it describes I was deeply moved by the story. Some time later I bought the book “Fervent” for my wife, written by Priscilla Shirer, who also played a major role in the movie. One morning out of curiosity I picked it up and as I was reading I came across these words,

We are in a battle. A battle with a long history that reaches back before the annals of time began. But it is one in which the victor has already been determined. A battle, yes. But a losing battle? Not. Even. Possible.

Two things immediately stood out to me

One- We are in a battle. Got that…

Two-The victor has already been determined, the battle has been won. Understood.

The first thing I already knew, I see evidence of the battle raging in my life and all around me everyday. The second I had read, I know, but do not see in my life on a regular basis. This leads to the question,


If the victory, the battle, the war has already been secured why am I not seeing evidence of this truth in my life on a consistent basis? As I read further in the book, I understood clearly what Ephesians 6:10-20 is saying. The reason for defeat and a seeming inability to gain victory is… Strategies.

A well-organized plan and attack is underway One that possesses a personality and an intimate knowledge of who I am. A strategy formed by an enemy who knows my pressure points and where I can most easily be taken down. He knows where I live, who I love, knows my tendencies, and knows from long experience how best to exploit every single one of them.

And I am doomed for defeat if I do not recognize this fact, if I do not have a plan for war against the strategies formed by this enemy.


The good news is through the specific, personal work of God’s Spirit in your life and mine, and through the living power of God’s Word, and the strategy’s of prayer these resources give us we can:

Deflect the assaults

Advance against them

Defend against the incoming sniper fire

And through Almighty God push into enemy territory and take stuff back, we can begin to experience victory. I would suggest if possible that you see the movie “WAR ROOM” and buy  Priscilla Shirer’s book “Fervent”. It was primarily written for women, but men can certainly benefit from the wisdom in it as well. I can say it changed my life and how I view this battle we are in.

Today I want to share the top 10 strategies shared in that book (polled through a large cross section of women) that the enemy uses for attacks.

Strategy 1- Against Your Passion*

He seeks to dim your desire for prayer, dull your interest in spiritual things, and downplay the potency of your most strategic weapons Ephesians 6:10-20

Strategy 2- Against Your Focus*

He disguises himself and manipulates your perspective so you end up focusing on the wrong culprit, directing your weapons at the wrong enemy. 2 Corinthians 11:14

Strategy 3- Against Your Identity*

He magnifies your insecurities, leading you to doubt what God says about you and to disregard what He’s given you. Ephesians 1:17-19

Strategy 4-Against Your Family*

He wants to disintegrate your family, dividing your home, rendering it chaotic, restless, divided, and unfruitful. Genesis 3:1-7

Strategy 5-Against Your Confidence*

He constantly reminds you of your past mistakes and bad choices, hoping to convince you that you’re under God’s judgment rather than under the blood. Revelations 12:10

Strategy 6- Against Your Calling*

He amplifies fear, worry, and anxiety until they’re the loudest voices in your head, causing you to deem the adventure of following God yo risky to attempt Joshua 14:8

Strategy 7- Against Your Purity*

He tries to tempt you toward certain sins, convincing you that you can tolerate them without risking consequence, knowing they’ll only cause a wedge of distance between you and God and bring condemnation. Isaiah 59:1-2

Strategy 8- Against Your Rest and Contentment*

He hopes to overload your life and schedule, pressuring you to constantly push beyond your limits, never feeling permission to say no. Deuteronomy 5:15

Strategy 9- Against Your Heart*

He sues every opportunity to keep old wounds fresh in mind, knowing the anger, hurt and bitterness and unforgiveness will continue to roll the damage forward. Hebrews 12:15

Strategy 10- Against Your Relationships*

He creates disruption and disunity within your circle of friends and within the shared community of the body of Christ. 1 Timothy 2:8

Over the next few weeks I will share some of my observations on these strategies and how we through the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit can gain victory over them.

* Fervent © 2015 Priscilla Shirer



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