Do Something


Last Thursday the sad news came that little Noah Chamberlin who had been missing for over a week had been found dead a mile and a half from his home. Please pray for his family.
I have a grandson about the same age as little Noah and my heart breaks for this family I cannot imagine the grief and sorrow they must feel

On Friday January 23rd  we were reminded as we have been on this day, for the last 43 years of over 52,000,000 little ones whose lives never had a chance to begin….I follow many Christian blogs and websites and I was disappointed to see very little notice or recognition of this sad day in our history. The overwhelming sadness I felt at the news of little Noah’s death must be minuscule compared to the sadness God feels for the loss of all his little ones. Have we forgotten? Has time dulled the impact?

I hope not.

But if you are a follower of Christ, if you call yourself Christian, I want to encourage you, no challenge you to take action against this unconscionable crime taking place in this country. To do something…

There are many ways you can do something..

Write a letter, send an email, make a phone call, to your local, state and federal, government representatives.
Volunteer at a pregnancy care center, your church, or other organizations that support life.

Pray against the sexual immorality that is so prevalent in our country,  pray for salvation of those who are blinded by sin. Many abortions occur because of sex outside of marriage.

Pray that those in the abortion industry and those who support them, would know the truth about what they are doing to these innocent lives. Not just tissue but a precious life.

Pray for change in our government for godly men and women at every level to be willing to stand up for what is right. Pray for the removal of those who support abortion for the gain of power and money.

Pray this would change. That sometime in the near future we would be able to celebrate another date. The day this terrible decision is ended, sanctity of live is once more protected.

Most of all allow your heart to care about this. God does….

If you and I do nothing the blood is on our hands just surely as it is those who cause the death of these little ones.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer once said
“To do nothing is to do something
To take no action is to take action.”
Will you do something?

Photo credit This anti-abortion display was placed on land owned by Sherwood’s major land-owning family the Langers.


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