40 Days of Prayer For America-Day 18

40 days of prayer

Give ear to my words O Lord..Bend Your ear to me and listen to my words, O Eternal One;
    hear the deep cry of my heart.
Listen to my call for help,
    my King, my True God;
    to You alone I pray.
In the morning, O Eternal One, listen for my voice;
    in the day’s first light, I will offer my prayer to You and watch expectantly for Your answer. Psalm 5:1-3

We beg You, O Lord, to hear our supplications and prayers. Do not let our words fall on deaf ears. Let us come to You each morning with a heart full of joy, for You are our Most High God, and everything we have comes from You. Bless us that bless others. Let us always look to Your for every provision. Let us be an open vessel filled with Your wisdom, that others might know Your saving grace

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