Memory Stones

memory stone

Someday when your children ask you….you will tell them how the waters of the Jordan parted as the covenant chest of the Eternal One crossed the river, and these stones will fix that memory for the Israelite’s forever. Joshua 4:7

Memory is important. We see this theme throughout the book of Joshua and the Bible. When the people of God remember His promises and His goodness, good things happen. But when they forget, they turn to other things for meaning; they put their trust in other gods-money, power, position, and possessions. It has been a problem for the people of God up to the present day, so these attempts to remember can remind us about God’s great works, what He has done in the past. It has always been true that when we take our eyes off of God we can forget these lessons learned in our mistakes and how He blesses us in spite of them. Keeping a prayer journal is a great way to create memory stones. If you don’t have one why don’t you begin one today?

Devotional from The Voice Bible Copyright© 2012

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