Lately I have been thinking a lot about purpose.
Purpose by definition involves persistence, devotion, to an idea, a principal. An objective with goal in mind.
Specifically I have been thinking about my purpose. What objective am I persistently devoted to, and what is my goal in life?
Thoughts like these lead to the fundamental questions, “Who am I”, Why am I here” What is my purpose.
You know life’s “big questions.” How you answer them determines how you see the world and how you treat the world.

I know I am called to be a Christian, a follower of Christ ( I need to add a disclaimer here that being Christ like and a follower of Christ is a daily battle that my natural self wars against and the Christ like me doesn’t always win)
That answers the “who am I” question.

If my goal is to follow Him, to imitate Him, I need to see the world through His eyes, treat people like He would treat them.
This in turn answers “why am I here”.
All that remains then is “what is my purpose”?
What am I to do?
How do I do it?

As I was thinking through this I made a list of all the things that define purpose in my life.
I am a husband, father, grandfather, friend, co-worker, servant in my church, leader in ministry.
But what is my aim, my purpose in the lives and arenas God has placed me?
And how do I fulfill that purpose?
Do I truly see through Jesus’s eyes, do I treat people as He would?
How do I avoid getting so caught up in the functions of the purpose, that I forget the aim of the purpose?
Someone once said ” we are created by God, for God” Another said “In Him we live and move and have our being” The idea would be since we are made for God, by God and everything we do or will be is because of Him, every purpose should bring  worship and honor to Him.

The passage of scripture in Romans 12: 1 MSG gives instruction on how this is done.

Our purpose should be fixed, and centered and focused on one thing only. The desire of God’s heart. Helping Him get His family back, so the prodigals know they can come home.
I see a picture of this with a great celebration taking place in Revelations. The redeemed from all generations, from every nation, kindred, tribe and place gathered in the family reunion of all family reunions. God wants us to be a part of the preparations for that time to come, that is in fact already underway. Our purpose is to be the deliverers of this good news.

Welcome home there is a place for you!


image credit afirmyourlife.blogspot.com

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