National Day of Prayer

40 days of prayer

I would not be wrong in assuming there is disappointment and maybe stronger emotions in view of the news concerning the Republican presidential race.
Whatever you might feel about the direction it is taking, it is important to remember one thing. Anyone or anything that we put our trust in other than God Almighty, will in the end disappoint us.
As responsible citizens we should be part of the political process, and let our voices be heard, but ultimately no man or party is the answer to our problems. The issues we face are simply too great and in some cases beyond human ability to fix.
We need to pray for our nation and our leaders whoever they may be, and remember that God is Sovereign. He sets up nations and leaders and takes them down at His pleasure.
Yesterday was the annual observance of the National Day of Prayer. According to the organizers of this years National Day of Prayer “more than 47,000 gatherings that took place from coast to coast. In addition, an estimated 90 nations participated in the annual observance along with South Korea, India and Australia where prayer coordinators mobilized thousands to fast and pray for the United States. From pilots flying over capital cities to petition from above, to balloon launches, parades, park gatherings and more, there were millions of prayers lifted up at an unprecedented level”.  And that my friends is the best thing that we can do. Pray for God’s will to be done and his Kingdom to come in the hearts and lives of people of this nation. Amen

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