Two Houses

From the book, The Calumet Region: An American Place Photographs by Gary Cialdella Published by the Univeristy of Illinois Press and the Brauer Museum of Art Valparaiso University
Lady Wisdom has built her house…

For all of us with children we know the struggles they face in making the right choices. We know  because we face the same struggles.
This commentary on Proverbs 9 from The Voice Bible is a good reminder and encouragement to us to never cease in our efforts to offer godly wisdom to them. And to live out that godly wisdom in  front of them. Proverbs 9  tells us about two houses.

Lady Wisdom has built a house, prepared a feast, and now invites the young, the simple, and the naive to come to her party.

“Whoever is young and gullible, turn in here you are welcome in this place”. Come in. Come, eat my bread,  drink my spiced wine. Give up your gullible ways, your naive thoughts, for true life. Set your course for understanding. Proverbs 9:4-6

She wants her house full of guests and spilling over with life, yet hers is not the only invitation. There is competition in the streets. Another woman, Lady Folly vies for the attention of the young and impressionable also. She, too, wants her house full, but of deceit and seduction; and when it is, death and misery join the revelry.

“Whoever is young and gullible, turn in here. You are welcome in this place! Stolen water tastes so much sweeter! Bread secreted away is much more satisfying to eat. Proverbs 9:16-17

Solomon follows this with the admonition, “But those who pause to listen to Lady Folly do not know death is the next stop, that her guests are like the walking dead. 

Keeping this in mind that the two houses are always calling out to us, may we seek to live our lives in a way that models wisdom, and never cease to offer godly counsel to our children. No matter what their age may be!


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