Live Like You Were Dying


I was having one of those days.
Driving to work struggling with a generally negative attitude.
Griping about how my life would be so much better if all the people in it would do what I wanted them to do, act how I wanted them to act.
Thinking about all the things I wish were different, mentally checking off my list of complaints.

Thoughts like these usually lead to feeling sorry for myself, anger, frustration or all three. I could blame it all on the last three years which have not been easy.
Lots of worry, emotional ups and downs, reasons to be angry or frustrated. It would be easy to justify my emotions, give up the battle and just give up, or give in. And go out and do some really crazy things I would regret later. Or just quit…..

As I drove along thinking about these things I heard the words of this song by Tim McGraw. To set the stage for the story a man comes face to face with his mortality and after doing some serious introspection about what is important decides to live life a different way.

I went skydiving

I went Rocky mountain climbing

I went 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu-Manchu

And I loved deeper

And I spoke sweeter

And I gave the forgiveness I’d been denying

And he said “Someday I hope you get the chance to live life-like you were dying.”*

I realized in that moment that I have a choice. We all do. And instead of giving in to my emotions I decided instead to invest that energy in examining my life and how I was living it.
Time is precious,
I only have a little bit of it, and even though I know it is limited, I don’t live that way. So today I make a choice to not take for granted the time I have. I choose to

Take time to spend with loved ones. To not miss that birthday, family reunion,  band concert or a few minutes to just be there, all there

Take time to let them know they matter, put aside the busyness of life to make time for them

Take time to think through my choices, make good ones, do the right thing even when it is difficult

Take time to take care of what is important

Take time to consider the end that will come and prepare to run the rest of my race in a way that I can finish well

To live like I am dying. And who knows along the way I might even find time to do some skydiving, Rocky mountain climbing, bull riding…

© written byTim Nichols; Craig Wiseman
sung by Tim McGraw

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