Crucify Him!

Jews:  Put Him away; crucify Him!

Pilate: You want me to crucify your King?

Chief Priests: We have no king but Caesar!

Pilate handed Him over to his soldiers, knowing that He would be crucified.  They sent Jesus out carrying His own instrument of execution, the cross, to a hill known as the Place of the Skull, or Golgotha in Hebrew.  In that place, they crucified Him along with two others. One was on His right and the other on His left. John 19:15-18

Jesus disciples at first did not understand the events on the hill of Golgotha. We struggle to make sense of events like those that took place in Orlando early Sunday morning. But they are connected.  But Jesus summed up the real issue in one paragraph

The thief approaches with malicious intent, looking to steal, slaughter, and destroy; I came to give life with joy and abundance”. John 10:10

The taking of any life is the ultimate act of hate. But as I read social media yesterday it was clear to me that many do not see the real enemy. The issues of gun laws, radical Islam, hate crimes are only symptoms of the real problem. The enemy of us all desperately wants to prevent us from knowing that we can be free from hate and the evil it brings

We read the account of the cross and do not fully realize what happened there. Our enemy  thought that taking His life, would give Him free rein to enslave, destroy and murder as he always had. What he did not count on was that through Jesus giving His life, life would be made available with joy and abundance to all who would accept what He did. But that choice is still ours, to accept or decline.

My hope and my prayer is that we who have received this freedom and grace would use it to reach out to those who are broken and hurting from this tragedy. That we would mourn with those who mourn. And remember love will never fail.

That is what He would do….

3 thoughts on “Hate

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