For Only One

Several years ago I was part of the leadership team for a Convoy of Hope event in my community. There was a tremendous amount of planning and resources needed for this one day event, and attendance seemed to be the primary concern for some on the leadership team. As if somehow the amount of people who would attend would justify the amount of effort expended. Success measured by head count. I would not disagree it is important to maximize efforts to reach people affording as many as possible the opportunity to benefit from what is offered. But is it really about numbers? If Jesus threw a party like this would He care how many came? Would He do all He did for only one?

“For God expressed His love for the world in this way: He gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him will not face everlasting destruction, but will have everlasting life”. John 3:16

Big events, big churches, big whatever, offers opportunity for the many. But sometimes the one gets lost in the many, some  who come for the loaves and fishes. Jesus made this statement in John 6:26  “I tell you the truth—you are tracking Me down because I fed you, not because you saw signs from God”. I believe He does His best work with the whoever’s, one on one.

The man bound by chains and evil spirits Mark 5

The woman at the well John 4

The woman caught in adultery John 8

Jesus traveled across the sea of Galilee in a storm (note to self; storms will arise on God appointed missions) for the demon-possessed man. Scripture does not record any other reason for this trip…

He traveled through Samaria, a place no self-respecting Jew would go for any reason, and waited by a well for a woman with many troubles…

He went to the temple to teach early in the morning and encountered a woman a stones throw from death..

For each one of them the encounter with Him changed their lives forever. Their stories are recorded for all time to remind us that He would go any distance for the one.

He still does that today.

Wherever He found you, you left different. Changed. And He expects you to be willing to do the same. To go the distance to seek out the ones He wants to change. For only one for every one, He gave it all.


3 thoughts on “For Only One

  1. Thanks for drawing my attention to that, Cliff. Although, I, as I was reminded by another writer friend of mine this week, I think our brains are wired to auto-correct anyway. I have hit the publish before intended.

    I loved this post. I have been reminded and encouraged by this message in several ways this week. There is a depth that God is willing to go for those who are seeking him but need help that we underestimate. My cry out is that we be open to being used that way by Him.

    Wonderful post!

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  2. This is really very important. sometimes we become so obsessed with pulling a crowd that we miss the real meaning behind the event. One soul at a time, that should be our goal.


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