violence never wins….

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My heart breaks for the family and friends who lost loved ones in Dallas last night….

My heart breaks for all of us, black, white, whatever our skin color might be.

Because violence never wins, someone always suffers loss. Last night we lost husbands, fathers, friends, fellow officers who have a bond that calls them to serve and protect. Those the apostle Paul in Romans 13 calls “servants of God, called to serve and benefit us, called to protect us from those who practice evil”. We lost as a nation a little more of the freedom that comes from living with “malice towards none”.  Dallas police Chief David Brown said it best as he urged the people of Dallas to get behind its police department in the days to come.

“We don’t feel much support most days,” he said. “Let’s not make today most days.

I would ask you to join me in praying for recovery for those who were wounded. Pray for all the families affected by this. Pray for the cities of Dallas and Baton Rouge, and St. Paul.
Because of the person or persons who committed this cowardly act, the world is a worse place, not a better place this morning because of you. And the only winner is evil as it destroys indiscriminately without regard for race or color

God is not on your side, nor is the majority of society black or white. You stand with a very few who do not yet understand the hatred that would move people to commit acts like these will only make things worse. And it will eventually destroy you as surely as you destroyed the lives of those officers on Thursday night.



Photo credit: CNN

Martin Luther King quote: Pinterest

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