Friday Thoughts


It is time I wrap up these thoughts to you…my brothers and sisters. Rejoice in the LORD! (I don’t mind writing these things over and over to you, as I know it keeps you safe.) Philippians 3:1

Philippians is one of the most encouraging and personal of Paul’s letters, revealing much about his walk with the Lord. There are many “things” contained in the four short chapters that would serve to keep us safe and focused on our journey. As I read this verse this morning I remembered a list of affirmations that I received on a 4 by 6 card at the Stronger Men’s Conference this past spring. I hope they will serve as an encouragement to you, to “keep you safe”.

I will stand firm in my faith

I will love God

I will honor God’s word

I will love my wife (husband)

I will lead my family

I will serve my church

I will share Christ with others

Through Jesus Christ, by the Spirit

We will be strong in the Lord.



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