Colin Kaepernick, race card,

There are differing opinions on the Colin Kaepernick drama.
When it comes to overpaid athletes and Hollywood politicos who make their living off of other people’s money this type of thing does not surprise me.

What is interesting, most of those who share this point of view typically  are liberal and support Democrats.

I would like to point out for the record, 16 out of the last 24 years Democratic presidents and for a majority of that time House and Senate Democrats have run this country. And we are preparing ourselves for possibly another 8 years of democratic rule.

So my question to all the Colin Kaepernick’s and others like him why have those who supposedly have your back made so little difference?

Why is there still the injustice and all the things you dislike about America unchanged? I mean haven’t they had ample opportunity and resources to effect change? One example Baltimore where tens of millions have been spent and the city is a war zone, businesses leaving no infrastructure? I hear a lot about white privilige and how the white person is to blame for all thats wrong with our nation.

News flash this white guy goes out and works everyday, two jobs and any “privilige” I have is a paycheck for that work. And there are many like me.

Unlike atheletes who get paid hundreds of thousands, a week and are treated from the time they are in college like royalty and movie stars who make millions.

To answer to the question why hasn’t there been significant change?

Short answer the politicians don’t care. They are using the race card for their own advantage and using us, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, against one another. On both sides…

The government is not where change will come from.

Mr. Kaepernick and others like him who may have good intentions but are being mislead in their focus. And being led into the things, hate, prejudice, intolerance and false sense of privilige that you point out in others.

Mr. Kaepernick the bodies in the street and the murder of young black men, as tragic as it is, is only a sympton of a much greater problem.

Beginning September 30th

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