Have We Forgotten


September 11, 2001

Today marks the 15th anniversary of 911.
Like most of you I remember exactly where I was what I was doing on that tragic day.
Then when I would see the bumper stickers and the signs that said “never forget” I couldn’t imagine how we ever could…
But we have.
Maybe not in our national conscience. We still mark the day, observe the ceremonies.
But we have forgotten the unity, the resolve to act as one we felt for a moment on that terrible day and the days that followed.
We have forgotten that we face an enemy that exists far beyond ethnic and geographic boundaries.
We have forgotten that only good overcomes evil.
In 2016 we are fractured and divided as a nation. We face enemies from within and from without, enemies that desire not only our physical but spiritual destruction.
Enemies that desire that we would hate one another, because of the color of our skin, our socio-economic standing, where we live.
And as we observe the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 the main focus is on how NFL players may or may not protest by not standing for the National Anthem.
I wrote this week about what we believe.
Today September 11th 2016 I believe God is on His throne and He still reigns over the affairs of nations and people
Today I ask you to join me in prayer to that God who reigns for:
The survivors of that terrible day
The families and friends who lost loved ones.
The firefighters, police officers, paramedics and armed forces members who stand ready today as they did that day to rush towards the trouble, to serve and protect.
The leaders of our nation and nations all over the world.
The presidential election and other elections that will soon decide our future leaders.
The people of the United States that we would find ultimate peace and love in the One who died that all might live.

And pray for the unity of our nation. That we would allow love and good to guide us that we might overcome evil in our time.
On September 30th we will begin praying for our nation. You can join us at
May God Bless America

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