An Insightful Moment Under A Tree


An Insightful Moment Under A Tree
The Savior would come from a royal line.
That much everyone knew.
The line would originate with Abraham and branch through David.
Yet the Savior’s family tree had its share of blight and barrenness, bent twigs, broken branches.
What are we to make of this tree through whose branches come the Savior of the world?
What are we to make of all the sin, all the imperfection, all the failure?
Simply this.
That God’s purposes are not thwarted by our humanity, however weak and wayward it may be. That God works in us and through us and, more often than not, in spite of us.
Like a master gardener, whatever it takes to bring fruition.
Or however long it takes.
This is our hope.
That season after season he walks the uncultivated fields of each generation.
His providential hands at work in the dark, cloddy soil.
His careful eyes at watch over the growth.
Watching over the budding faith of the young and over the branching influence of the old.
So that something beautiful may blossom and grow.

Thank you, God,
That the genealogy of your Son is a lineage of grace, a testimony of the reach of your love throughout the generations.
Thank you for reaching across those generations for me..
And for ever so patiently grafting me into that tree.
Thank you for the firmness of your hand and the tenderness of your touch. I have needed both at one time or another, and doubtless I will need both again.
Continue to lift and prune.
To water and weed.
And to do whatever it takes to bring me to a place where I have something to offer others.
Thank you for the autumns of my life that have humbled me with their losses.
For the winters that have strengthened me with their cold.
For the springs that have renewed my hope of good things to come, flowers of new beginnings.
And for the summers that have given me an opportunity to share the fruit you have cultivated in my life.
O Lord, who watched so faithfully over those families who waited for the Savior to come, watch over my family who waits for Him to come again.


From: Moments with the Savior
Ken Gire

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