Cause For Immediate Prayer


In the last four days

We have witnessed

*Attacks in a mall

*Attacks in New York and New Jersey

*Individuals killed in confrontations with police officers

*Police officers injured in attacks by protestors and criminal action

And these types of situations are occurring with increasing frequency. What would prompt someone to go to a mall and begin stabbing people?

To attempt to plant bombs in areas that would result in terrible injury and loss of human life

To disregard warnings from police officers in clearly volatile situations?

To destroy property looting and vandalism?

We could blame these scenarios on various reasons. Radicalism inspired by violent Islamic jihadists. Overreactive police officers. Lack of respect for authority resulting in a failure to follow reasonable commands. These are certainly factors, but I think we fail to recognize the real source of our trouble

“For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work”

2 Thessalonians 2:7

What we are seeing is a ramping up of the events the apostle Paul speaks of that will precede the return of Jesus. No matter how far in the future that event might be, the trouble we are experiencing is here and now. An increasing rebellion and resistance to the rule of law that desires that the world would descend into complete lawlessness and disorder. You might say “If it is predicted this will happen, then what is the use to try to oppose it?”

This is exactly what Satan, our enemy would want you to believe. The truth is we’re are told in 2 Thessalonians that the man of lawlessness is being held back by the Holy Spirit who is present and working in this world through God’s people. And what we can do to assist Him is pray.

So I am asking you wherever you are right now to stop and pray. If a believer or a group of believers are near by ask them to join you and for a moment pray. Pray against the lawlessness that is assaulting our nation. Pray for peace in chaos, unity where there is division, understanding  and clarity where there us misunderstanding. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance, pray as He directs.

Do it now,don’t  delay. And pray every time it comes to your mind. Remember that every account of violence and evil you read about, or hear about is the enemy  displaying his work. It is also information on how to pray.


Prayer changes things….


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