Phillip Yancey a Christian author who I admire  is perplexed by Evangelical support of Donald Trump. 

I’m sure you have heard that view expressed in a variety of ways or maybe even had those thoughts yourself. Yancey states that it is hard to understand how Evangelicals could so strongly support a candidate who in his personal life and business dealings does not reflect Christian values.

I do not disagree with that point but would add that neither candidate, Trump or Clinton’s track record reflects Christian values. Do you vote for someone who does not represent your values or opt out,  not vote at all?

I believe God can use anyone for His purposes (which Scripture proves He can and has), and it is not a matter of choosing the “lesser of two evils”, but in part choosing the one whose world view and values most closely align with God’s values. And prayer.

I believe we must pray above all else.

Seek out the facts about both candidates, but pray for clarity. Your kingdom come, Your will be done. Pray to know what His will is in such a time as this. We will begin praying daily, on September 30th up to and beyond November 8th. You can join us online at:

check out my blog at

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