40 Days of Prayer for America-day 5


Lord, far too few of us realize how much media influences both us and our children our nation.I pray for the Media and Entertainment Industry

Lord, I ask that you would bring Your light to the dark places of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, and news media. Please raise up creative people with godly values to write and create media that is wholesome and life giving, not destructive. I pray against the negative messages and intense violence and sexuality portrayed on the Internet, TV, movies, and in books, music, magazines, and other media. Open the way for righteousness in our nation’s entertainment and media choices.

I pray that you would provide television, radio and print news mediums with staff members and executives who are commited to accuracy and integrity.

“Truth spoken will stand forever, but lies survive only briefly. Proverbs 12:19


Taken from prayers for our nation

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association


National Day of Prayer

John Bornschien

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