Tuesday Morning Thoughts…


I have to admit that it really bothers me

When I hear the criticism that seems to increase more and  more against this country that we are privileged to live in.

Not because we are without fault in our history we certainly are not. It bothers me because the hypocrisy of many of the most vocal critics  support a culture, a style of government, a party that seeks to take away the freedoms we enjoy and increase our dependency on the government (another form of slavery) and in the end deny indivdual freedoms.

Not to mention in the past these “progressives” have been far from supportive of the causes of the day.

It bothers me because we overlook all of the good things that have come through the United States of America.

By what standard do you judge our nation?

A perfect standard where no mistakes are made?

Show me the nation in the history of humanity that has achieved that lofty goal.

Better still show me a nation in our current world that meets that standard.

Yes we have problems in this country but we also have the opportunity to fix them. Nowhere else on Earth is there as great an opportunity to do so.

So maybe instead of living in the past and the valid injustices of that past, begin where you are today to right the wrongs to find a way that all would be treated fair and equally.

It starts with each one of us.

The two greatest commandments,

Jesus said was to

“love God with all our being, and love our neighbor as ourselves.”

Sounds like a good place to begin

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