All Life Is Precious



40 Days Of Prayer For America-Day 8

This week three more police officers lost their lives. Labor Day weekend provided a landmark for the people of Chicago, 500 homicides for the year. Violent crime against police officers and citizens has risen significantly in 2016. Lord as I watch this play out day by day it breaks my heart and I think

No one should have to die this way. No family should have to bear the grief and sorrow this brings.

You could make the case that guns are the problem. Although facts would not support that. Great Britain a nation that allows no private gun ownership suffers 2000 violent crimes per 100, 000 people, much higher that the United States at 466 violent crime per 100,000. Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the U.S. but yet has experienced over 2000 violent crimes this year, many involving firearms.

No what is needed is not more laws, but instead rational voices that regard all  human life as precious. Voices that will promote an end to violence that does not regard color, or social standing or occupation. Voices that will look beyond our social ills and instead at the source of violence. Beginning with Cain until now violence lives in our heart when we turn from God.

This is why we need you Lord. Only You can help us to become peacemakers. Only You can change our hearts that we would love our neighbor as ourselves. Lord we ask for Your help as we navigate these troubled times. Help us to love not hate, bring peace where there is confusion, understanding and compassion.

We ask these things in Jesus name.



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