Thursday Afternoon Thoughts


Meeting President Johnson

My dad always voted Democrat.
I remember him taking me to downtown Nashville on a sunny day in October of 1964 to see Lyndon Johnson who became president after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and was running for reelection in that year.
We were able to get close enough to Mr. Johnsons motorcade that on my dad’s shoulders I got to shake his hand.
It was a moment I will never forget.
Whatever doubt an eleven year old might have about what political party to support was answered in that moment. I hate to admit that thirteen years later I even voted for Jimmy Carter.

But the Democratic party of today is very different from the party President Johnson represented.
The Republican party, the party I identified with and voted for it’s presidential candidates after the turbulent 60’s and 70s (and four years of the aforementioned Carter), is not the party Ronald Reagan represented either.

I have watched with frustration as the current Republican party has failed since 2010 to do much of anything of substance to represent the people who elected them to office. And after two failed presidential elections and possibly a third on the horizon, some of the leaders will not support the best chance, however poor it might be, to avoid waking up to President Hillary Clinton on November 9th.
We can blame president Obama for many things but the incredible debt that our children and grandchildren will inherit, the failure to support Pro-Life legislation rests squarely on the shoulders of John Boehner, Mitchell McConnell, and now Paul Ryan and their subordinates.

I can no longer identity with any of the current political parties.
As a result I will choose to identify and vote for those who have our country’s best interest in mind, and I will claim no current political party affiliation.

Sorry dad, but I think you would understand.
October 20, 2016

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