Your Will Be Done-Day 23


40 Days of Prayer for America 

Lord God as  I consider all the possibilities of what may be in the future of our nation I realized that I have not followed the first part of the command in Philippians 4.
“Don’t be anxious about things instead pray”.
I have been more than willing to pray and I have spent time in prayer.
But I don’t think I have been willing to let You be in charge of the answers.
I confess that I have allowed  worry and anxiousness to take my attention off of what is most important.
Not my will but your will be done.
I cannot see into the future I do not know all that you know.
What I would like to see how I would like things to go may not be your will.
So this morning I do the one thing that I can do the thing that is best.
I put it all in your hands and trust you for the outcome.
That your will would be done your Kingdom  Would Come On Earth. as it is in heaven

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