40 Days of Prayer for America-Praying for the church

Prayers For the Church-Day 35

Many of the prayers I have felt led to pray over 30 plus days have had to do with the church.
Not the building, but the people.
I am not anti-church, and in no way mean disrespect for the very thing Jesus gave His life for.
In those moments when I pray and later write, it is because of shortcomings I see in my life.
Things that should be but aren’t, aren’t but should be.
I suspect there are others who feel the same.
The church is filled with imperfect people myself among them, but in spite of our imperfections, there is great opportunity in the days to come.
As we stand on the cusp of a national election that likely will change our nation for years to come, I am aware of two things.
One, God is firmly and completely in control of all human events and history. The only thing He chooses not to control is our will, but reserves the right despite that choice to define and author the eventual outcome of the world He created.

Two, despite the will factor, God invites us to partner with Him as His bride, His church to share the Good News.
We can choose to do so or not.
People have the choice to remain in darkness, many will, but we are not responsible for the results, only the message.
And to love people.
Without respect to who they are, where they have been, what they have done.
My prayer for America is that the church I am a part of, temporarily located here, would rise to the occasion, as we never have to the opportunity before us.
That we would put aside religion, walls, ambition, earthly kingdom building, and embrace the call to do our part in building a heavenly kingdom, to daily pick up the cross of self-denial and follow Him.
If we choose to do so we will become part of the greatest story ever written or told.
Or we can choose not to…
His kingdom will come regardless of our choice.
Lord help us to make the right choice.
God bless Your church and God bless America..

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