Four Years Ago…


Cliff Craig

The cries of millions of unborn children have not gone unheard by God.
If there is a single issue that you allow to influence your vote on Tuesday, let this be it.

Hard to believe four years have passed since I originally posted this. It is still an issue that breaks my heart.
When you vote on Tuesday November 8th 2016, go with these facts in mind.
In the sate of Missouri the democratic candidate for governor, Chris Koster, endorsed by the NRA and Missouri farmers is unashamed pro-abortion. Cecilia Richards director of Planned Parenthood recently made a campaign stop in Missouri to support him.
Hillary Clinton in the final debate defiantly bragged about her support for abortion. There are many other candidates seeking election throughout our nation with similar viewpoints.
Abortion is a stronghold in our nation, destroying little ones without mercy.

God hears their cry do you?


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