Christmas Hope-Family Tree


40 Days of Hope-Day 18

40 Days of Prayer-Day 18

In Matthew 1 we read about the lineage of Jesus. In keeping with Jewish tradition, preservation of the family tree was very important.
This long genealogy is preserved to show how this Jesus fulfills the prophecies that tell us the Anointed One will be a descendant of Abraham and David.*
I believe God also had another reason for presenting this record.
From Abraham to Joseph and Mary each name listed in Matthew 1 had a part in the greatest event the world would ever know. Each one recognized and remembered for all time
And as this story that began over 2000 years ago continues, you have a part in the story as well.
What an honor it would be when the final chapter is recorded in heaven, to find your name written in His book. Part of the family tree.
And hear Him say,
“Well done good and faithful servant.”


* Taken from the Voice commentary on Matthew 1

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