Christmas Hope-Why He Came


40 Days of Hope-Day 19

Why did Jesus come?
For hundreds of years the prophets told of the coming King, the Messiah.
For four hundred years the prophets had been silent, and religion was in the hands of the wealthy, the powerful, the privileged.

He came in a most unusual way.
A baby born in a stable, not in a magnificent palace, to a teenage girl and a carpenter, not kings or rulers.
In many ways, there was nothing particularly special about the baby or the birth.
That poverty, that narrowly-averted scandal when Mary fell pregnant, that greeting party of those social misfits (AKA the shepherds); none of it was worthy of a king.
But His humble birth, the shadow of death that was present from the beginning, served as a reminder of why He came.
Lowly shepherds and tax collectors, beggars, prostitutes, and adulterers, the sick and the outcast, would be drawn to Mary and Josephs son.
He came for a single, clear reason; because we needed Him.
Our ‘infirmities… our sorrows’ place us in such dire need of help.
And God who so loved us, saw our need, our pain, and came to earth in the form of an innocent baby boy to save us…..
He came for you and for me…..

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