Christmas Hope-No Fine Print


40 Days of Hope Day 23

Because of Bethlehem-Max Lucado
No Fine Print
The Christmas season prompts questions.
What’s the big deal about the baby in the manger?
Who was he?
What does his birth have to do with me?
I can remember the first time I asked those questions. I grew up in a small West Texas town, the son of a mechanic and a nurse. My brother and I took our baths by eight and were in bed by nine with permission to do one thing before turning out the lights. We could read.
The chest at the foot of our bed contained children’s books. Big books, each with a glossy finish and bright pictures. The three bears lived in the chest. So did the big, bad wolf and seven dwarfs and a monkey with a lunch pail, whose name I don’t recall. Somewhere in the chest, beneath the fairy tales, was a book about baby Jesus.
My dad, a man of few words, had told my brother and me, “Boys, Christmas is about Christ.”
In one of those bedtime, book-time moments, somewhere between the fairy tales and the monkey with the lunch pail, I thought about what he had said. I began asking the Christmas questions. In one way or another, I’ve been asking them ever since.
I love the answers I have found.
Like this one: God knows what it is like to be a human. When I talk to him about deadlines or long lines or tough times, he understands. He’s been there. He’s been here.
Because of Bethlehem, I have a friend in heaven.
Because of Bethlehem, I have a Savior in heaven. Christmas begins what Easter celebrates. The child in the cradle became the King on the cross. And because he did, there are no marks on my record. Just grace.
His offer has no fine print.

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