Emergency Housing Fund


I have started a Go-Fund Me campaign for my daughter

Through a series of unfortunate events my daughter Shanah and her two boys Trenton and Jason are being forced to move from their house.
They have been given a 14 day notice and are in immediate need of funds to cover costs of new housing. I do not use my blog to ask for anything financial as a general rule, but this is an exception due to short time frame and the amount needed.
The estimated cost to cover expenses is $1500.
Shanah is the sole provider for herself and the two children, one of which is a special needs child.
Anything you might be able to give will be appreciated.There are three things you can do to help

Pray-There is more than just a financial need in this situation
Give– If you can. There are lots of needs this time of year, but if you can give please do.
Share– Get the word out and share on your page

This money will go towards a Housing Fund For Shanah.
Click to Donate: https://t.co/2An8hB0RYY via @gofundme

Thank you for your consideration.

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