Hope In Suffering


40 Days of Hope-Day 27

Hope In Suffering

A 7 year old girl Bana Alabed who has tweeted pictures and information about the conditions from Aleppo Syria went silent several days ago. ✔@CBSNews

Bana Alabed, 7-year-old girl tweeting from eastern Aleppo, disappears from Twitter after sending goodbye tweethttp://cbsn.ws/2h9Q7B1

7:45 AM – 5 Dec 2016

Some have dismissed the tweets as propaganda, questioning the legitimacy of their origin. Maybe that is true. But one thing is certain. Although estimates vary, the death toll from the Syrian civil war that began in 2011 is thought to be over 250000 people. Many of them children. Children suffer most in a world where territory, power and wealth are to be obtained at any cost. This injustice is not new in our world.

Children were some of the first to die in the death camps of Nazi Germany.

The orphans of Uganda, and AIDS children who suffer and die, children who die from hunger and denial of basic human needs.

The murder of millions of little ones in this sanctuary of democracy in the western world

The spirit of Herod who murdered thousands of baby boys to further his kingdom is alive and active today, right now, causing untold suffering for children.

As we approach the celebration of the baby born in Bethlehem, let us not forget the suffering of the children in our world. Pray they may have hope in their suffering.

And pray for peace on earth, and goodwill extended to all people, everywhere.

Even so come Lord Jesus…..

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