Christmas Hope-Never Too Late


Never Too Late-Day 30

As I read this from Max Lucado’s book, I thought about my friend Talats memorial service on Tuesday.
I wondered how many of the friends and family gathered there needed to know it’s never too late to receive the greatest gift Christmas brings…
Before the day is done make it a point to tell someone you love, someone you know, maybe even share the story below, let them know,
it’s never too late….

Because of Bethlehem
It’s Never Too Late

A knock at the door…

…by a common couple…

…at a late hour…

…when the inn was crowded.

So the innkeeper missed the opportunity.

Many still do. They miss the chance to open the door. They let the birth of Jesus pass them by. The miracle of Bethlehem still happens. God enters the hamlets of our lives and speaks to us. He speaks through scriptures, sunsets, the kindness of a friend, or the warning of a medical report, through the loss of a loved one.
He sings to us through Christmas carols. He calls to us through Christmas sermons.
He reaches out through the Christmas story.

Life is crowded. Your life is crowded. Heaven knows, you already have more than you can do. And because heaven knows, Jesus comes not with a list of things for you to do but with a list of things he has already done and will do. Your death? Defeated. Your sins? Forgiven. Your fears? He will give you courage. Your questions? He will guide you. Jesus lifts burdens; he doesn’t add to them.

“But it’s too late,” you say. No it isn’t. It’s never too late for Christ. You are never too old, too messed up, or too worn-out. Elijah was depressed. God still came to him. Abraham was old. God still led him. Moses was long retired. God still called him. Jonah was on the run. God still used him. Jacob cheated his family. God still had a place for him. Peter betrayed Christ, Saul persecuted Christ, Thomas doubted Christ, but each learned it was not too late for Christ.

It’s never too late to come to Christ for help. Your stack of sins is never too high. Your list of failures is never too long. That knock at the door of your heart? That’s Jesus.

All you have to do is open the door.

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