A Christmas Prayer



There are times when my heart seeks you as the wise men did. When I am delighted at any sign pointing the way. When I am on my knees in your presence.Multiply those times in my life, Lord.

Thank you for the many ways You reveal yourself. Give me eyes to see You in the circumstances of my life, ears to hear You in the Scriptures, feet to find You in the Bethlehem’s of this world, hands to bring You gifts,  knees to bow before You my heart overflowing with worship.

And Lord help  me not forget the terrible injustice in Bethlehem of the children who died and the parents who suffered.Help me to not forget the cries arising from that tragedy then, and in our world now.Why do bad men rule and prosper while babies die in the street, and the innocent suffer?

Help me to remember and understand especially when tragedy touches our world that You are not to blame.Help me to understand that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one, that satan, like Herod, is a tyrant who rebels against Your throne, a tyrant who is cruel and cunning, and who has soldiers who are as murderous as they are numerous.

Help me to see that he is responsible for all the injustice, brutality and evil in this world. That will not be put right until it is put right by You.

Thank you for coming many years ago when You wobbled into this world  as meek and tender as a lamb. Come once more Lord Jesus, this time as the Lion of Judah, this time to claim Your throne.

And for the sake of Your children, come quickly…..

Merry Christmas to all my WordPress friends!

By Ken Gire “Moments With The Savior”

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