Jacob was the father of Joseph, who married a women named Mary….

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas.
Through reading about the birth of Jesus I have come to admire this man who is seldom the focus of the Christmas story.

We know very little about Joseph, husband of Mary, surrogate father of Jesus.
What we do know reveals someone I would want as a friend when tough decisions have to be made, a role model I can learn from when things are difficult in my life.

When Joseph discovers Mary is pregnant, instead of publicly calling her out, resulting in her death, he shows mercy and grace.
Matthew 1:18-19

When he understands he will be a father to God’s Son, he hears the instructions by the angel to not be afraid, to take Mary as his wife, to name him Jesus, he simply listens and obeys.
Matthew 1:20-21

When faced with the challenge of traveling miles with Mary who is due to deliver any day, he is obedient to the decree of a government who has brought his people much hardship.
And he walks beside Mary seated on a donkey every step of the way.
Luke 2:1-6

We need men like that today
Men who will stand beside their responsibilities and do what’s right even when it’s hard and unpopular.
Men who will be obey God’s commands, who will remain faithful and loyal when it would be easier to take another path
Men who will lead their families unselfishly, their communities, their neighborhoods with courage, men who will do the right thing, denying themselves even when it’s difficult, and the journey is long.

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