Mid-Day Meal


Buying a Field

Jeremiah 32:1-16
Here’s the scenario.
Your city is surrounded by your enemies, its fall and capture is imminent.
You are in prison, confined by those who do not like your message about this situation.
What do you do?
You buy some real estate, a field from your uncle.
The story is recorded in Jeremiah 32.
And it reveals some important actions and principles about hope.

One: Hope and the actions that accompany it sometimes seem impractical, because they fail to conform to visible reality.

Two: Hope acts on the conviction that God will complete the work that He has started no matter who or what opposes it.

Three: Hope is symbolic. Jeremiah buying a field in the middle of the chaos and panic, was a symbol that made God’s promise of eventual restoration visible
(Jeremiah 32:42)

Four: Hope commits us to actions that connect us to God’s promises.

Is there a field might you need to buy?

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